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A leading corporate and trust service provider
Welcome to UNIVERSAL LINK Worldwide, one of the world's leading independent corporate and trust service providers.

We serve individuals, families, corporations, intermediaries and professional firms. We operate on an arm's length basis with all banking and other financial services organisations. Being independent, we are frequently engaged by other professionals or private banks to provide specialist services to their clients.

2 What we do
We specialise in designing, implementing and managing or providing trustees to international fiduciary structures.
Our core skills are the establishment and administration of secure and efficient corporate and trust structures to reduce tax, protect wealth and facilitate international business. Specifically, we deliver private and cost-effective company management and trustee services. Our global focus includes the areas of company formation and company management, offshore companies, trust management, trusteeship, corporate structuring, international tax planning, configuring market entry, compliance and accounting.

2 Our Approach
We aim to help clients approach international fiduciary issues with confidence and to turn that confidence to the advantage of their businesses. We form close, constructive and responsive working relationships and our personal approach ensures continuity and clear communication. Ours is a business that is based on discretion, close personal relationships, mutual respect and trust.

We have the breadth of resources to provide a first class service, based on a full understanding of our clients' needs, the technical skills, backed up by experience, to find creative solutions to complex problems and the critical mass to undertake transactions in an efficient and cost effective manner.

2 Local focus. Global reach
The rapid pace of development in global communications has seemingly shrunk the world. Yet, although English is the language of international business, it is often cultural differences that raise the greatest barriers to successful cross-border business. Central to the ethos of UNIVERSAL LINK Worldwide is our ability to enhance our client service with an international reach.

2 Our Commitment and Vision
UNIVERSAL LINK Worldwide is committed to the principle and practice of "Know Your Customer". This means that UNIVERSAL LINK Worldwide will require certain information and documentation on the prospective client prior to accepting any new business. Our compliance standards and procedures meet and, in many cases, exceed the regulatory minimum.
We are recognised as a leading global corporate and trust service provider and the employer of choice. Our values of compliance, client focus, quality and empowerment drive our behaviours. Leadership in the industry, enthusiastic and self-directed staff and the application of professional expertise enhances every client interaction. As the provider of choice, our clients and staff actively promote our services.
Compliance - We give the highest priority to maintaining an effective compliance regime and culture. A positive approach to compliance influences all we do. Our objective is to deliver compliance in a manner that leaves our clients with honour and respect.

Client Focus - After compliance and at the heart of our core values is the concept of client focus. We must never forget that our clients are the reason we are here.

Quality - Quality is about delivering services that not only meet challenging standards but also continuously surprise and delight. We mobilise all our staff towards the achievement of service excellence. Quality cannot solely be realised through our procedures. A commitment to quality is inherent in everything we do.

Empowerment - Our success depends on our ability to engage and enthuse staff and to find ways of releasing more of the enormous potential that exists within UNIVERSAL LINK Worldwide. This happens because we are serious in our commitment to staff empowerment. Our entire development agenda is based on the principle of involving staff.

Our values set the standard for all UNIVERSAL LINK Worldwide staff at every level.
* We adhere to uncompromising principles of truth, trust and ethics.
* We treat clients and each other with fairness and respect.
* We honour our personal and team commitments.
* We anticipate and respond promptly to all concerns, problems, ideas and requests.
We behave in a legal, fair and balanced manner.
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